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One Great Night on Earth

Ecstasy pills in panties

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TWO widows tried to escape detection by hiding ecstasy pills inside their panties, reported Harian Metro.

Their actions were uncovered by police at around noon on Wed­nes­day.

Segamat OCPD Supt Mohd Kamil Sukarmi said both women, aged 42 and 50, were detained by a group of five policemen who were patrolling the area.

He said the women were acting suspiciously and were dressed in an indecent manner.

“The older woman kept patting her behind while the other kept adjusting her bra,” he said.

Officers later found eight ecstasy pills inside the bag of one woman and the two were brought in for further investigations.

“Another 20 ecstasy pills were found inside the panties worn by the women,” he said.

> A teenager was attacked by a monkey which bit him on his hands and legs, reportedSinar Harian.

Muhammad Redzuan Saibon, 13, was on the way home with his sister Siti Nurbaiyah, eight, after religious classes at Kampung Tandop Batin in Alor Setar when the animal attacked them.

“When we passed by one of the houses, the monkey appeared and suddenly went berserk and attacked us. It bit my knee and even scratched my hand,” he said, adding that he tried to fight off the animal.

“Some of the villagers started throwing stones to chase it away,” he said, adding that the monkey did not attack his sister.

Cat Nips offers friendly, fun fashions

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When Karen and Billy Denton moved to Murfreesboro from Florida, they brought their love of cats, music and fashion, which combined perfectly into Cat Nips Women’s Fashions in Murfreesboro.

“We have a big heart for all kitties,” Karen Denton said, pointing to the stuffed cats, carved cats and other feline-inspired decorations around the Can Lane store she runs with her husband Billy.

The shop offers reasonably priced women’s clothing, including consignment clothes, shoes, club wear and lingerie for all sizes, she said.

“Everyone should feel pretty,” said Karen Denton, who works full time as a hospice nurse while her husband runs the shop.

She was inspired by her work as a nurse to give good quality, attractive clothes to all people, even a hospice patient deserves to wear the clothes she wants, Karen Denton said.

The store specializes in “cute, trendy, sexy clothes at a reasonable price,” she said, adding they have a consignment section because she likes to save money while shopping for cute clothes.

In addition to their clothing options, the Dentons inject personality into their store with Billy Denton’s love of music.

A former radio DJ, Billy Denton selects the playlist and offers a discount for any patron willing to sing karaoke.

“We want it to be a fun store,” Karen Denton said, “like it was in the ’80s.”

To encourage the fun, the Dentons offer private showings for bachelorette parties, girls nights out and just a party.

Karen Denton explained the store was named after the couple’s blind cat, who was always the first to find the cat nip.

Because of their love of animals, the store is pet friendly and either Billy or Karen Denton are ready and waiting behind the counter with treats for dogs and cats.

“We’ve even had a couple snakes come in,” she said.

They also try to donate as much time and supplies as possible to local animal rights nonprofits. In April they asked customers to round up purchases and donated the proceeds to Rutherford County Cat Rescue. At Christmas, they collected pet supplies from customers and donated them to Pet Adoption and Welfare Services (PAWS).

“Our dream was to combine all of our loves,” Karen Denton said about Cat Nips.

Pirates ‘arrr taking over’

Landlubbers an invited to board Stones River Mall for Kids Club: Pirate Day, set for from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 27. The scallywags will be near the Chuck E. Cheese entrance.

The pirate-themed party for children will feature a mobile pirate ship, arts and crafts, and a treasure hunt, along with face painting, balloon art and more.

Children are invited to wear their favorite pirate or mermaid costumes.

Admission is free. Stones River Mall requires that all children be supervised by an adult.

Whiteley unveils latest sizzling lingerie collection for Marks & Spencer

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As the temperature increases outdoors, get the mercury rising in the boudoir with these gorgeous summer undies from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s lingerie range for Marks & Spencer- Rosie For Autograph.

Inspired by the model’s recent trip to Hawaii (natch), the collection features hibiscus prints and tropical shades in luxurious fabrics – perfect for home or holiday.

Sleeping just got very sexy indeed…

Selling lingerie on the Egyptian street

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Cairo’s Tahrir Square is the global symbol of the 25 January Revolution, where millions of Egyptians, including women, went to demand the toppling of the regime. Lately, Tahrir Square has witnessed the courting of the Egyptian population by General Al-Sisi and his propaganda machine, as well as a “Million Woman March” demanding the toppling of the hijab.

The history of progressive women and their struggle for independence and social freedom is an old one, starting with the Egyptian feminist and activist, Huda El-Sha’arawi, founder of the Egyptian Feminist Union in 1923. Two events stand out in the history of women’s struggle in Egypt.

In the Egyptian Revolution of 1919, women demonstrated side-by-side with men, and used their hijab as a symbol of resistance to the British occupation, and again in the 1940s and early ’50s, when small groups of radical women leftists embraced the topics of inequality and nationalism with a strong anti-imperialist bent. A pamphlet published by the group announced the “struggle to realise democratic freedom for women in Egypt – that is the freedom which cannot arrive under the shadow of the imperialist and imperialism nor under the shadow of enslavement and exploitation”.

Egyptian women, who are again trying to gain the freedom to remove their hijab, need to “burn their bras” first, as their western counterparts did in the sexual revolution of the ’60s. Back in Tahrir Square, Egyptian women may not be exactly burning their bras anytime soon, but you can see them buying bras, lingerie and undergarments on the street. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see bras and lingerie displayed on every street corner and in the windows of shops, even on pavements in the slums of Cairo.

The pavement in Egypt has always had a striving, vibrant life and culture of its own, which millions of Egyptians use as an extended landscape of their own homes, a refuge from their own harsh realities. On pavements, Egyptians sit, converse, watch TV, eat, drink and sell and buy everything and anything, now even women’s lingerie. Watching women dressed in their traditional clothes and hijab buying lingerie in public is a confusing cultural experience for the untrained eye.

Once I stopped by a pavement lingerie shop in a suburb east of Cairo. The carts were covered with colourful and fashionable Chinese-made bras and scanty underwear. Ironically, this lingerie pavement shop, like virtually all of them, was run by a man – women don’t sell underwear in public, but they buy it almost exclusively.  Buying lingerie in public is a new phenomenon, a self-expression and a social experience. Naturally, flirting is a big part of the lingerie-buying bargaining game, where sexual euphemisms are not a social taboo. The lingerie carts were everywhere, surrounded by a few women in their long garments and hijab, sorting and holding up lingerie in their hands, confidently checking sizes and style, oblivious to the piercing public eyes since there is  no privacy, no dressing room on the pavement lingerie shops. In this case, the salesman was very cool, respectable and helpful, conversing with a slightly full-figured woman as he casually handed her a thong, as if he was handing her a Kleenex .

“That is too small,” she shrugged.

“Not at all. It is your size,” he assured her, as if he knew something!

She smiled, steered his hands away, and continued her quest for the right-fitting undergarment.

I approached the lingerie cart and curiously asked the charming salesman about his secret.

“How do you know the sizes of your customers?” I queried.

“I look at her waist and shoulder,” he replied in all sincerity as he demonstrated his technique on his own body.

Contemporary lingerie can be whatever the modern woman wants it to be, and women have more choices now than at any time in history. The Western woman may still buy her undergarments in secret from Victoria’s Secret in a private moment inside a shop in a mall, but at the pavement lingerie market in Egypt, the confident Egyptian woman is buying her lingerie under the public eye, which empowers and gives her the freedom to express her sexuality in such a conservative culture.

At the pavement lingerie market, there was lingerie for all situations and intentions, including lingerie that was strapless and backless. Also offered were the sexy thong, teddy, as well as a plethora of everyday bras and panties.

Egypt, with all its political turmoil and anxiety, now offers the woman an escape into a lingerie shopping journey to reward herself and feel good about her own body, something which has been ignored for a long time.  Now in the era of the new Prince Charming Al-Sisi, the conqueror of the Muslim Brotherhood invaders, women may not be able to protest in the street, but at least they can freely buy their own lingerie.

Cosabella Launches Plus-Size Lingerie Line, And, Ooh La La, Do The Pieces Look Sexy

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Nothing makes me feel sexier and more confident than a bra and panty set that fit me like a glove. As long as I’m loving my undergarments, any outfit on top is complete. And now, more of us women can feel sexy and supported, as Cosabella has launched a line of plus-size lingerie that’s guaranteed to make you feel on top of the world.

Cosabella, a lingerie brand, also offers work out essentials like the triathlon bra, which is an insanely breathable mesh sports bra that also doubles as swimwear. Pretty cool. And, in addition to active wear, they offer a line of apparel as well, carrying basic shirts and tanks, sweat pants, shorts, and even rompers. They all look like a comfy girl’s team. Cosabella also carries a maternity line, with a tank top that’s designed for breast feeding. Hello, our new favorite company.

Now, they’ve grown their line even more, with the “Cosabella Extended” line, which is made with the same fabrics and colors as Cosabella’s “straight-size” products, according to Racked. The sexy little pieces come in sizes 32–36 D, DD-G, and 38 D, DD–F, 1X–3X, and 12/14–20/22. They are also kept in the same price point.

Bras range from the demi cup style, to the the soft bra and the soft bra sweetie styles. They also come in 82 different colors, from jade, to gemstone, to marigold. Talk about a variety! Thongs and hot pants are also available in red, nude, white, and black.

We all should feel sexy, no matter our size, so here’s a round of applause to you, Cosabella, for joining the likes of Target and Charlotte Russe in making your lines available to all types of women.

Taylor Swift And Famous Friends Wear Sexy Latex Outfits From Sex Shop

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Taylor Swift and her star-studded friends all wore outfits from a sex shop, it has been claimed. The 25-year-old country-turned-pop superstar borrowed $13,000 in clothes from a Los Angeles sex shop to wear for the “Bad Blood” music video.

In the highly anticipated and talked-about video, Swift and her friends can be seen in tight-fitting latex suits to act out neo-noir-inspired scenes. Apart from the glittering display of famous faces and names, there’s one thing that stands out throughout the video: the girls’ eye-catching costumes. It turned out those sexy suits came from a sex shop.

L.A.-based The Stockroom has seen slight boost in its online traffic and spike in customer service calls since the video was released this month. Director of operations Shawn Gentry revealed to Page Six that the shop will make a “full run” of the outfits worn by Swift and her famous friends in “Bad Blood.”

As Gentry said, a rep from the songstress’ team came in and chose items for a secret client a month before the music video debuted. The rep was able to pull about $13,000 worth of clothes that were borrowed for the shoot, keeping $5,000 worth of the items. He also clarified that the rep only pulled clothes from the shop, and there were no sex toys or pleasure items.

In the first scene, Swift is seen wearing a nude-colored latex dress with sweetheart neckline and black trim. The shop sells the piece for $235. Selena Gomez’s black latex blouse, on the other hand, is more expensive at $360. Both items can be customized, but Swift and Gomez wore their outfits off-the-rack, according to Gentry.

The shop isn’t going to capitalize on “Bad Blood,” though. Gentry toldBillboard they will not be selling or renting the items that were loaned by Swift’s team. He called the idea “tacky,” adding that the items that were borrowed were already processed and washed.

“Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar” music video currently has over 68 million views.

Work that leather and lace like Rita

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Messy hair, lace bra, leather jacket and ripped jeans…Rita Ora is excellent at making a statement, just recall her Fausto Puglisi dress at the Billboard Music Awards!

Miss Ora was wearing this unique combo on the set of her music video, “Poison.” She rocked a leather jacket that had yellow tape on the side that read, “Life is Beautiful,” and underneath the jacket were her perky ‘bewbees’ in a lace bra. The entire outfit was bad (bad in a good way)!

You can put your abs on display and rock the leather, lace bra, and distressed jeans like Rita… we’ll help you. The sassy bra on Rita is by none other then Agent Provocateur. The ‘Joseline’ bra can be purchased for $150, just click (right) and treat your ‘bewbees’ to quality lingerie!

If the bra is out of your price range, don’t fret just yet, we got some less expensive options for you on our style carousel


Calum Best and lingerie model Ianthe Rose have split after nine-month romance

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Calum Best and his model girlfriend, Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack, have called time on their nine-month relationship.

The reformed playboy and the stunning lingerie model had been pictured looking more loved-up than ever during a romantic break in April but now the pair are no longer together.

Split: Calum Best and his model girlfriend, Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack, have called time on their nine-month relationship

The former Celebrity Big Brother star added: ‘I wish her the best and sincerely hope we remain friends.

‘She is the first girl I really loved and I cherish the time we spent together’.

The pair were last seen interacting in social media on May 3 and have both been uploading wise sayings which appear to hint the split to their fans.

Calum, 34, and the 23-year-old beauty went public with their romance after his time in the Celebrity Big Brother house and bearded hunk has only recently just introduced her to his mother – a first for the lothario.


Sir Terry Leahy-backed lingerie brand Gilda & Pearl makes store debut in Mayfair

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A luxury London lingerie brand backed by former Tesco boss Sir Terry Leahy and a consortium of retail veterans is to open its first store in Conduit Street, Mayfair.

Gilda & Pearl, which counts model Suki Waterhouse and actress Emma Watson among its fans, will open its doors next month, having existed as  concessions in department stores including Selfridges until now.

The atelier will offer custom designs and fittings.

Leahy, who left Tesco in 2011 after 14 years at the grocer’s helm, will offer advice to the brand. He is joined by former Asos finance chief Jon Kamaluddin and ex-Best Buy chief Bob Willett. The investors have ploughed around £300,000 into the business.

The brand, founded in 2008, notched up revenues of £150,000 last year and plans to grow in the UK through shops and online as well as in the UAE, China and the US

Products range from a £45 garter to a £1000 kimono and it offers tailor-made designs and fittings.

Richard Hinzel, managing director of Gilda & Pearl, said: “We will treat [the new store] as a testing ground and will look to open a standalone shop in the future.”

Lingerie model who ‘wrecked’ her body trying to cover a tiny tattoo

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A lingerie model admits she ruined her body as well as her career prospects by having a tattoo on her stomach.

But rather than have the body art removed, Shelly-Ann Willetts, 23, from Birmingham, instead tried to improve the appearance by covering it with another tattoo – with disastrous results.

‘The tattoo that was originally meant to be covered up is starting to come through, it looks horrible, it’s a mess,’ she said on the latest episode of Spike show Tattoo Disasters.

Lingerie model Shelly-Ann hated this rose tattoo she had to cover up a previously disliked etching

Now she is happy with her third tattoo which she says is a ‘work of art’

‘I have absolutely wrecked my body. I am turning work down, I can’t stand the sight of it,’ she added.

The beauty queen, who was crowned Miss Birmingham International this year, first had a small heart and stars etched on to her stomach when she was 19 but she was unhappy with how it looked.

‘The drawing I had when I went in and what I got were two different things. A two-year-old could have drawn it, I thought “what have I done?”‘ she said after getting the first small tattoo.

She hated it so much, she thought her only solution was to cover it up with another tattoo – this time a larger rose design.

But she was again unhappy with how it looked and when she landed her dream career as a lingerie model, she found the tattoo was costing her work.

‘A bad tattoo is the breaking point of whether you have a job or not,’ she said.