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One Great Night on Earth

Ballet Repertory Theatre audience picks their favorites

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The dancers at Ballet Repertory are lacing their toe shoes to the steps of audience favorites for their 25th anniversary this weekend.

Normally tied to a theme, this year organizers asked audience members to name their favorite original productions for the annual show.

Artistic director Katherine Giese pared down 25 choices to seven being performed next weekend at the KiMo Theatre.

“It’s not the classics like ‘Sleeping Beauty’ or ‘Swan Lake,’” Giese said, adding she chose the finalists based on variety and available dancers.

“There were some surprises,” she said. “I was surprised that people remembered things from so far back. I was also surprised that so many of my own pieces were voted on and I was very honored by it.”

Giese’s “Oblácek” (2010) opens the program with the Czech word for “fluffy, like clouds,” she said.

“The girls are in white ball gowns and the men are in tuxes. The way the dresses moved influenced the choreography. It was all about being pretty.”

Celia Dale’s “Triptych” (1996) is a more modern piece based on Medieval religious paintings.

Beth Griffin’s “Macabre” (2011) features music by Saint-Saëns based on a poem by the French symbolist writer Henri Cazalis. Expect dancing minions and a skeleton or two.

Giese’s “Woken, Wishing, Willing” (1999) is set to music by the English/Australian music project Dead Can Dance. Comprised of four dancers clad in leotards and slit pants, it’s an earthy piece, she said.

“People like to call it the jungle piece,” she added.

Choreographer Alex Ossadnik set “Pierrot” (1997) to the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Designed as a solo, it features a masked male dancer struggling to break free of confinement.

Giese set her “Actaeon” (2011) to the music of Philip Glass. Based on the mythological Greek herdsman and the huntress Diana, it opens with a hunting party celebration. Giese said she was inspired to create this contemporary, barefooted dance after seeing Martha Graham’s dance troupe. Graham has been called the mother of modern dance.

The program ends with Ossadnik’s “Seasons of Buenos Aires” (2008) set to the music of Argentinian tango composer Astor Piazzolla. Ossadnik was inspired to create the piece after watching the 1969 film “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” starring Jane Fonda. The movie is about a 1930s dance marathon.

“It’s a very artsy piece,” Giese said. “Somebody actually called it performance art. The dancers are dressed in black sexy dresses and they have numbers on their backs like they’re in a contest. (It’s) the idea that they were willing to do that just for food because the times were so desperate.”

The dancers will perform the piece on the bare stage, with the back doors open to reveal the street

Kylie exposes herself while promoting own lingerie

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The pint-sized popstrel suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction as she showcased her new underwear range for Sloggi.

She ended up flashing her own smalls as she sat down to discuss designing the kecks with a room full of journalists in Berlin.

Onlookers could see right up the 46-year-old’s dusty pink dress as she sat in a purple bucket chair holding a microphone.

Whether the Aussie singer just wanted to show fans what they’d be able to purchase remains unknown, but Kylie was looking radiant at the presscall.

The former Voice UK coach flaunted her pins in her wrap-around dress, which she accessorised with a tan-coloured belt.

Her blonde locks were also styles in loose curls with her make up matching her neutral outfit.

Kylie recently turned down the opportunity to reprise her role in Neighbours as Charlene Mitchell as part of the soap’s 30th anniversary.

She originally played the tomboy mechanic between 1986 and 1988 but failed to reunite with her on-screen son Daniel (Tim Phillips) for the milestone birthday

Base Range’s Triple-Threat Lingerie Is Comfortable, Sexy

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When it comes to eco-friendly fashion, the average shopper probably doesn’t consider lingerie. Unless your top drawer is full of fancy designer bras and bustiers, most of us rotate through simple cotton and silk pieces. While those might seem like “safe” materials, lingerie is often produced via fast, large-scale model that is anything but environmentally friendly.

Base Range is slowing things down, opting to produce its soft, label-free pieces with 100 percent sustainable fabrics in Portugal and Turkey. Founders Marie-Louise Mogensen and Blandine de Verdelhan use a mix of high-quality bamboo and Lycra for their bras, panties, and bodysuits, which lack accouterments and lay flat against the skin. They also offer simple basics like organic cotton dresses, sweatshirts, and joggers. In shades of black and nude with pops of leopard print, there’s also a sexy ’90s vibe throughout—so you can bet we’re already hooked.

Victoria’s Secret’s out – OPENING date revealed for sexy American lingerie chain

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The shop will open a Beauty and Accessories store on May 11 in Glasgow Airport.

The Evening Times first revealed in February that the underwear firm, modelled by Miranda Kerr and Giselle Bundchen, would open its first Scottish branch in Glasgow.

Fin Casey, Managing Director, said: “It’s fantastic news to be extending our relationship with Glasgow Airport and Victoria’s Secret. We are proud to open the first Victoria’s Secret store in Scotland.”

Beauty shoppers will find fragrances like the FiFi Award-winning Victoria’s Secret Bombshell, just-launched collections like the new Love Me fragrance and favorites like VS Fantasies.

Travel-ready items such as signature lip glosses and body-care products will also be available.

The store will also showcase a gallery of black and white images and a video wall that broadcasts footage of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

For those that wish to collect on return, the airport offers a free shop and collect service that is available to all passengers flying within the EU.

Francois Bourienne, Commercial Director at Glasgow Airport, added: “We are excited to welcome Victoria’s Secret to Glasgow Airport as the beauty and accessories concept has been widely successful throughout the world.

“We’re looking forward to being able to help introduce it to Glaswegians and visitors alike.”

Abuse victim says her rapist stepdad made her dress up in mother’s lingerie when she was eight

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Kim Hill, now 31, was forced to dress up in her mother’s lingerie and watch porn with Derek Osborne when she was just eight years old.

She did not speak about the assaults she suffered until husband, Rob Hill, 34, asked her if she had been abused as a child because she was often withdrawn.

Kim broke down and told him what had happened.

The abuse started when she was just four years old and continued until after she turned 12.

Speaking about the abuse, Mrs Hill, who married Mr Hill in 2013, said: ‘I didn’t know any different so I accepted what he was doing as normal.

‘I saw him as my dad. I just thought my dad loved me very much.’

Mrs Hill’s father died when she was young and she was aged three when Osborne began a relationship with her mother.

She said: ‘I scrambled for mum’s attention with my three siblings. But I was always Derek’s favourite.

‘He’d come and tuck me into bed while Mum watched television downstairs.’

But then his attention turned sexual and he invited her into his bed ‘for a cuddle’.

When she was seven and learning about sex, she began to realise what he was doing was wrong.

‘I was horrified, all I could think was, “What if I have a baby growing inside me?”,’ she said. ‘I knew how upset mum would be if she found out and I’d get into so much trouble.’

Kylie Jenner wears see-through body stocking to sister Khloe Kardashian’s

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Kylie Jenner is probably one of the coolest and trendiest teens on the planet.

But we’re really not sure her most recent ensemble is appropriate attire for anyone – let alone a 17-year-old.

The youngest of the klan arrived at her sister Khloe’s Coachella party in a SEE-THROUGH bodystocking, a black bra, black knickers and some killer heels.

The trendy teen flashed a LOT of flesh as she partied with her older sissy and rumoured boyfriend Tyga, who we’re sure admired Kylie’s outfit choice.

The star wore her hair in a stylish plaited do, and accessorised with heavy lipliner and a pair of bug sunnies.

Kylie, whop was clearly very proud of her style at the party, shared a snap of herself with Tyga and sister Khloe on her Instagram account.

Posing with one leg in front of the other, Kylie looks ready to hit the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Show.

Her boyf Tyga looks much more casual in a baggy vest and jeans.

The hip hop mogul looks cool in a red bandana as he stands by his lady, covered in gold chainzzzz.

Khloe looks much more sophisticated in the snap, as she flaunts her curves in a conservative grey dress and heeled boots.

Cabaero: Underwear advisory

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WOMEN journalists who face threats to their safety because of their work share a secret and it has everything to do with underwear.

A Mexican journalist who had her share of death threats from the powerful corrupt people in her country recalled before an international gathering of journalists how she once got this advice from a friend– every time you go out of the house, make sure you have matching underwear.

Wear panty and bra that you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen in, just in case something bad happens. It sounded funny but, after she was told her name was in the hit list of the drug cartels, she took that advice seriously.

After her talk, I approached her and told her that she made the Philippines sound like a very peaceful place. We both laughed.

The underwear story is the same advice shared among Filipino women journalists from the time of martial rule to the rise of anti-communist movements to the present.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, the New York-based organization that promotes press freedom worldwide, says journalists in Mexico cope with everyday threats. The country had 32 journalists killed since 1992, and it is in the list of top 10 deadliest countries for journalists.

The Philippines ranked third with 77 deaths after Iraq with 166 killings and Syria with 80.

Former Philippine Daily Inquirer correspondent Melinda “Mei” Magsino just stepped out of her apartment in Batangas Monday last week when a gunman shot her in the nape. She died where she fell. Some reports said she was killed for writing about alleged irregularities in the local government of Bauan town in Batangas.

She may not have been connected full-time with a media entity when she died but she was contributor to investigative journalism organizations and she made her revelations on social media, in particular her Facebook account. She was a “citizen journalist,” one who uses a website or blog or social media to report the news even without the backing of an institution. There are many now who work outside of the mainstream yet they continue to report on politics, corruption, and others.

Bloggers in other countries have been targets of attacks because of what they wrote on their websites or blogs. In Bangladesh, two bloggers were hacked to death in public after making religious statements criticizing fundamentalism.

The underwear advisory started as a joke but it is a reality that is rather not spoken about because the threat could be carried out against the journalist.

It is not out of vanity that women should be conscious of their underwear, in case they get in an accident or get killed, and doctors have to tear away their clothing to treat them.

It is not just about underwear. It is about how real the threat is and that the victim could be male or female or mainstream reporter or “citizen reporter.”

The underwear advisory is put into effect

Plus-Size Writer Poses In Her Underwear To Highlight The Biggest Problem

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When Lane Bryant launched their Campaign most people applauded it for being the body positive opposite of Victoria’s Secret‘s Perfect Body campaign. The campaign featured plus-size models posing in lingerie in beautiful black-and-white photos.

People couldn’t help comparing Lane Bryant’s photos with the Victoria’s Secret campaign, given the intentional similarities. The public’s reaction to the campaign was mostly positive, but writer Amanda Kate Richards raised a very valid point about the big downfalls of the campaign.

In a feature for xoJane Amanda stated that she “didn’t think it was healthy or progressive to pit fat bodies against thin bodies.” The campaign name creates the comparison and Amanda points out how the media only perpetuated the Victoria’s Secret versus Lane Bryant debate with their headlines.


‘Gender neutral’ student denied service at Texas Whataburger for wearing women’s

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A student who identifies as gender neutral claims a Whataburger in Austin, Texas denied service because the student was wearing lingerie.

Tyler Grant, a junior at the University of Texas prefers to be referred to by neutral plural pronouns such as ‘they,’ ‘them’, or ‘their’ instead of ‘he,’ or ‘she,’ and sometimes wears women’s clothing.

Video footage posted to Twitter from early on Sunday morning shows a restaurant manager telling Grant and a friend not to enter the fast food restaurant because Grant was dressed in ‘inappropriate attire,’ reports The Houston Chronicle.

Denied entry: Tyler Grant, pictured outside a Whataburger on Sunday morning, claims the restaurant denied service because Grant was wearing a dress

Gender queer: Tyler Grant identifies as gender queer and though Grant was assigned a male, Grant sometimes likes to wear women’s dresses

Austin, Texas has a non-discrimination ordinance that bars establishment from denying service to someone based on their sexuality. Grant believes the restaurant was discriminatory because of Grant’s gender identity.

‘I really believe it was transphobia-driven and I don’t think it had anything to do with what I was wearing,’ Grant told The Houston Chronicle.

Whataburger claims they denied Grant not because of gender identity but because Grant was wearing too revealing an outfit to be let inside.

‘Whataburger is proud to serve all customers regardless of race, gender or orientation. This wasn’t an issue of gender but of appropriate attire as this guest was dressed in lingerie. Again, we welcome everyone into our restaurants but our customers’ experience is our top priority. We are reviewing these events with our team members and will take appropriate action if needed,’ said the restaurant.

Grant wrote on Facebook that after being denied entry early on Sunday morning, Grant decided to go back to the restaurant to express sadness at not being let in.


Pritchard’s drawings chronicled how women were denied showers

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Although the inmate entrance is called “Reception” at L.A. County’s only all-female jail, that term is loosely applied. Cold, stark and made of concrete and steel, Reception is where women enter Lynwood’s Century Regional Detention Facility for the first time or return to their jail beds from a long day at court.

The women are sorted, scanned and labeled with color-coded shirts: yellow for those with mental illness, blue for general population — the list goes on.

This is the door through which Los Angeles cartoonist Elana Pritchard walked last August to serve about two months for violating a judge’s restraining order. She then did a few more weeks at Twin Towers in downtown L.A. In December, L.A. Weekly published cartoons she’d drawn on paper scraps, using a golf pencil, that documented what she saw on the inside.

Pritchard’s drawings chronicled how women were denied showers for up to a week at a time, used a toilet as a low-tech “speaker” to talk to men on the floor below, and were required to undergo humiliating vaginal checks called “squat and cough”— stripping naked and spreading open their vaginas to let deputies see if they were hiding anything, from drugs to small guns.

Soon after the story ran, the women’s jail overseer, Capt. Maria Gutierrez, asked to meet with Pritchard to sort through her complaints. Gutierrez later explained to the Weekly, “Of course we take these types of allegations seriously.”

But it has been unusual for the Sheriff’s Department to care what an inmate who publicly slams the jails has to say. “It seems like most of the problems in the jail weren’t due to policy, it was due to certain deputies abusing their position,” Pritchard says. “There were policies when I was there … that clearly weren’t being enforced.”

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has been riddled with bad blood and bad press for years, prompting longtime Sheriff Lee Baca to abruptly resign from his powerful, elected office in early 2014. He left amid an FBI investigation of his jailers that resulted in convictions of several deputies for brutality and other crimes.

In December, “outsider” Jim McDonnell was sworn in as sheriff, elected in a landslide by L.A. County voters. McDonnell had a long career with LAPD and was chief of the Long Beach Police Department. Perhaps most attractive to voters, he was not from the Sheriff’s Department.

Now the L.A. public, the inmates and the sheriff’s deputies union are waiting to see if McDonnell can reform a violent cowboy culture that has thrived, particularly in the county jails.